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What Is Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of electromagnetic energy produced by the sun.

What Is UV-C Light?

There are four ultraviolet wavelength categories: VUV, UVA, UVB and UVC.

UVC wavelength has been proven to kill germs.

How Does UVC Light Kill Germs?

UVC has short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation which destroys the nucleic acids and breaks germs’ DNA apart. (See below for sources)

Does UVC Light Kill Coronavirus?

CDC has not issued any guidelines for home use of ultraviolet light. WHO does not recommend the use of UV lights on humans, skin or animals. However, UVC lights have been used by hospitals, medical offices and dentists for decades to kill germs similar to coronavirus.

In fact, some hospitals are utilizing ultraviolet light robots to disinfect rooms between patients.

UV Bacteria Killing Robot disinfection resize md

According to Consumer Reports, “most likely,” UV light will kill coronavirus if used correctly. A recent study in 2017 demonstrated that the ultraviolet “c” light killed MRSA bacteria as effectively as the more powerful rays. The same study was repeated in 2018 on H1N1 virus, yet again it was found to be effective at killing germs without toxic chemicals.